I’m going to keep this one pretty brief. So far I’ve been selling my AWS courses direct to individuals at https://learn.cantrill.io. I’ve had a few students ask about buying course packs for their teams or businesses. I want to help as many people as possible, so I’m launching packs which should make team purchases just that little bit easier.

I’m staring with packs for the “Architect Bundle”, the “Associate Bundle” and the “Associate and Professional bundle”. …

A “Fake Cert” is a certification you haven’t earned and don’t deserve.

That might trigger some poeple — but it will make sense if you read on.

“Fake Certs” are bad for employers, they’re a risk for projects you work on, and they’ll negatively impact your career. If you want to avoid them, you need to understand what they are, and why they’re bad for YOU! so read on. 👇

What a cert should do

I want you to picture a new unit of measure … “Knowledge Units (KU)” (stick with me here — it makes this easier to understand)

IT certifications should measure how…

Today I sat the brand new AWS SysOps Administrator Associate exam (SOA-C02). I think I had the first time slot available in the world — 10am on Tuesday morning (Australia Time). I’m creating a brand new course which is specifically designed to pass this exam at https://learn.cantrill.io so I wanted to do a little recon and make sure that the topics I’m covering are aligned with the exam.

You can find my detailed thoughts below, but at a high level

  • It’s a great exam
  • It has some good labs, which test real skills, it’s going to be harder to fake…

AWS recently announced a significant update to their associate-level operations certificate — the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate. The new version of the exam SOA-C02 is launching in beta in early 2021, and will no doubt replace the SOA-C01 after a few months.

Right now, your only option is to sit the current version. If you are thinking of tackling the SysOps in 2021 though, you might want to start preparing for the new topics, features and exam format which the latest version brings.

Details are limited right now since nobody (myself included) has sat the exam. Still, with what…

Full disclosure — I create online training courses for AWS, I currently have one for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate one for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Professional and a Bundle containing both. This article (I think) contains unbiased opinions & experiences, but I wanted to be clear about my perspective right at the start.

On March 23rd 2020 AWS Released a new version of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate (CSAA) exam. The exam was given a new code SAA-C02, a departure from the usual minor incremental changes to exams which AWS is known for…

I recently bought a pair of TREZOR Model T’s not because I needed them, but as a new toy. I have some crypto currency investments and secure them via two sets of two Ledger Wallets ( you can never have too much in the way of resilience).

I didn’t expect to use the TREZOR Model T as my primary crypto wallet, nor did I expect to like the TREZOR as much as I do. …

Get used to these macros

Almost two weeks ago I wrote this — the start of my journey into a strict and monitored 90 day (minimum) ketogenic diet. I also promised regular and public updates. I’ve been semi-true to that goal — I’ve been doing regular updates over on twitter https://twitter.com/adriancantrill and I’ve even made my measurements spreadsheet public. What I haven’t done is blog; because blogging is hard and I really haven’t felt like doing it for a few weeks.

Weight And Fat

As it stands right now after 12 days, Ive dropped 3.3 Kg & 0.3% of fat — although at this stage since i’m using…

This week I start a 3-month ‘test’ of the ketogenic diet

Many fats, some proteins, wow, few carbs

I’m not unhealthy, I don’t need to lose weight — at ~90kg with a 6'4" (190cm) frame I’m pretty close to good in that department. I row 10KM 3–4 times a week, lift weights every-other-day and manage to do 30 minutes of walking in the sun on most days. So please keep in mind for the rest of this topic — either this article, or the next 3-months if you are keeping track — I’m not doing this out of a desire to lose weight. …

As I write this is 05:43 on the morning of #triplecertmonday — when I, and a bunch of AWS/Tech obsessed friends attempt 3 of AWS’ new 3-hour specialty exams in one day.

The first — security is at 07.30 until 10.30am. The second — advanced networking starts at 11.30am and finishes 2.30pm. The last — big data starts at 3.30pm and finishes at 6.30pm at the latest.

It’s going to be a huge day — pretty nervous at this point, but if you are interested keep an eye on the A Cloud Guru publication for blog posts on each exam over the next few days and of course the #triplecertmonday hashtag on twitter for semi-live updates.

I must be ‘crazy’ — no other explanation.

I find that my decision to quit and become a freelance content creator is very often the topic of my conversations recently — and not initiated by me!

I don’t mind telling the story — I think it helps me as much as it informs others. It gives me a chance to re-confirm my logic for doing this every time I tell the story — and so far no regrets. The conversation inevitably changes in most cases to focus on the person I’m talking too. About how much the other person wishes he or she was in a position to…

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