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Adrian Cantrill
3 min readNov 1, 2016

I want to start this post with statement— if it seems like this is just a ‘sales pitch’ please give me the benefit of the doubt and assume it isn't, at least until you have read it all. I’d also love it if you could share this post far and wide :) social buttons are at the bottom and you can like it on medium.

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I’m not sure if anyone on here is aware, but I recently resigned my full time job and started making online video training courses full time (I blogged about it here). Based on this, the quality and quantity of my output literally puts food in my mouth — and my cats, which is clearly more important.

So far I’ve created and published two courses — both related to Amazon Web Services. The first is a certification course for the DevOps Engineer Professional Certification — and i released this about 6-months ago.

The second is a technical deep-dive, which starts off easy — an introduction, but rapidly gets 400 level, deep dive into the subject. The course is called Amazon DynamoDB — From Beginner to Pro and is available here. It will be the first of many — I’m already working on my third course, the second of the deep-dive series.

So what do I want? Well, I’d like your help — everyones help. The feedback I have on the courses so far has been good, but they’re my first two and I want to improve — a lot. I want to hear from anyone who has taken the courses, or who will be taking the courses. I want good feedback, constructive feedback, or bad feedback — it’s all good.

Asking the internet for feedback — crazy right?

I’m interested in how you think the courses are presented, the technical level — both at the start and the end. Any comments on the visuals, my voice technique and the way in which I’ve compressed and expressed the information contained within. If you think the courses are cheap, or expensive — thats also great feedback.

Any and all feedback is welcome — honestly I’ll be amazingly grateful.

So whats in it for you? I’m hoping that you will do this to help another human being. But the better I get at this, the better courses I produce and the better others can use those courses to learn — its a win win win..and I get to eat regularly.

If that wasn't enough, for people who go above and beyond — providing really useful feedback — I’d love to give you access to my courses early, making you a beta-tester of sorts. That way, you get access to my content, and I have another way of improving.

I also try and answer any student questions, even on a 1–2–1 basis, so if I can help you in return in any way, please, email me and I’ll do what I can.

Again, please understand, this isn’t a sales pitch — its me asking for help. I want to produce the best video training courses available and I think with your feedback thats achievable.

Feedback can be given over email, via medium itself, or any of the social networks I put it on — for students of A Cloud Guru there are also the forums over there. Whatever makes it easy for you to help me out.. I’ll make it work for me.

Once again, please like and share below.

TIA — Thanks In Advance



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