…and some pretty unique requirements

Let me set the scene. I create online courses — specifically in the cloud/IT field. I work at home full-time; but also need to be able to work remotely. My workflow consists of a number of stages:-

  1. Research a topic or group of topics

Some of the above stages can be done from anywhere, whereas some have restrictions— for example, while i can do steps 1,2 and 3 from just about anywhere, I need to be in a quiet location & have some equipment for stage 4. At home I work between my office (open plan with my other half) and my studio — a room configured to be quiet, and have good quality acoustics.

It’s clear I’m not normal..but I have a few overarching requirements or ideal situations :-

  1. I would like to use one machine for all-of-the-above, I work with large files and keeping multiple machines in sync is a pain.

So thats my situation — its pretty unique and I don't have any answers…yet. Let me know if you have any suggestions, and once I decide how to handle my IT Hell I’ll be sure to let you know via a follow-up.

Technical Trainer, Cloud Architect, Tech, Productivity & Efficiency Obsessed wannabe minimalist.

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