My Thoughts On the SysOps Administrator Associate BETA Exam — (SOA-C02)

Adrian Cantrill
8 min readFeb 16, 2021

Today I sat the brand new AWS SysOps Administrator Associate exam (SOA-C02). I think I had the first time slot available in the world — 10am on Tuesday morning (Australia Time). I’m creating a brand new course which is specifically designed to pass this exam at so I wanted to do a little recon and make sure that the topics I’m covering are aligned with the exam.

You can find my detailed thoughts below, but at a high level

  • It’s a great exam
  • It has some good labs, which test real skills, it’s going to be harder to fake pass from now on
  • The presentation of labs needs real work, I had functional problems which I’ve detailed below

(Full disclosure, I create AWS courses at which are focussed on teaching real in-depth theory and practical skills, rather than solely concentrating on exams)

My course based on what I saw is spot on, there are a few topics I might add for completion, but otherwise I think students are going to be running a 100% pass rate with it as is. I think anyone can take and pass this exam with what’s in my course right now.

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